Month: November 2018

#FOWC: Tryst

The full cherry blossom trees always create a tryst for the visitors. The branches are strong and rich with color. The walk way, tucked beneath, is perfect for Friday night summer strolls or Autumn weddings. Won and Nochi have seized every opportunity to see this gorgeous piece of home. Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge.



I was wrong. It’s not that he deliberately had upset me, lately. There’s other things going on, private matters. I feel like complexity of the situation has only amplified, and I’m at a loss for words. I feel like I’m reliving my spouse’s suicide… except this Time, he may not remember me. I’m completely overwhelmed […]


The Wrapping

Sometimes, it’s your good heart wrapping up the truth in vibrant and ambitious paper. You’re not at fault for that, nor should you EVER change it. BUT, what’s the truth is fact. It’s what is, regardless of whether its pretty wrapped or sitting bare. We must learn to accept truth for what it is, not […]