Daily Word Prompt: Mandatory

In order to be accepted into our motherly shanagans, the following is mandatory:

  • Coffee must be reheated at least twice ; and that’s every cup you attempt to drink.
  • Hair is to be, at least, a weeks worth dirty, and thrown into the messy mom bun.
  • There needs to be five loads of clean laundry, unfolded, laying through out the living area.
  • The sink must be overflowing with dishes.
  • Clothes drew unwanted stares, because they’re holy and out of date.
  • You DVR shows in hopes of some quiet alone time.
  • Your fruit is chilled, in the refrigerator, half eaten.
  • Bags rest under your eyes, and you have a permanent resting bitch face.
  • Tub has a dozen toys laying in it, for bath time.
  • Menu consists of hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and chocolate milk.
  • Home never looks clean.

If you can abide to the list, welcome to the nut house 😂

Your Daily Word Prompt can be found here 🙂



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