Day: November 26, 2018

Life Lessons

What I was never taught, or what was tempted to be forced into my life, I learned on my own. I knew there were skills I needed for survival. I knew there was responsibility I needed, rather than burdening someone else with it.

What I would teach my younger self about life is the following :

  1. Failure doesn’t mean unsuccessful, but rather an opportunity to try again.
  2. I am capable of so much more than I realize.
  3. Trying means I’m willing to learn.
  4. Knowing my personality type will change my life.
  5. Trust my intuition.
  6. A man knows and shows when he wants, if I’m questioning it, move on.
  7. Years become wisdom and tears become flowers.
  8. Lies can sound convincingly truthful, but they’re not.
  9. Know my worth and don’t let any man change them.
  10. Be confident in my decisions, humble in acceptance, forgiving of mistakes, and unconditional with love.
  11. Face my life as it comes, denial just delays the progress of progress.
  12. Music is free therapy.
  13. Writing things down allows me to discover patterns.
  14. Cooking is actually fun.
  15. Vertigo is treatable, and nothing of which to be afraid.
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