#DWC & TWC: Follow the Fruit Trees

To Nanas house to bake:) 

Cristmas at Nanas smelled of warm apple pie and poppouri of pine, cinnamon, and cranberries. At the end of summer, Nana began picking fruit. She and papaw owned the largest fruit orchard in the state. 

As the five gallon buckets began to fill, Nana started baking! This had been her greatest past-time, besides raising children, of course. In her teenage years, she assisted her mother in the kitchen of the family business.

Needless to say, she’s passionate, as well as, professional with her work. Her pies were ribbon-worthy! The dining room hutch proudly displays the blue and red wins.

Her favorite to make was strawberry cream! One bite of the thick cream filling and a piece of fruit,… Sure thing, she gains another loyal customer.

The second most popular is her dutch apple. This was a very close second, by just a few votes. Her apple trees were mouthwatering!! The sweetest memories were with Nana, in the kitchen. The sentimentality was what meant the most to her; the same is true for me. I’m sure the same will be true for generations to come.

Read more about The Haunted Wordsmith’s  Daily Writing Challenge Here  🙂 The image is also 

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