Day: November 19, 2018

Joy Today

What has brought you joy today? What made you smile and/or laugh? What made your heart feel lighter or that God sent just for you? Please comment your answer below if you’d like to participate. 

My Joy today :


  1. Delicious pumpkin pie.
  2. Conversations with friends.
  3. Instagram
  4. Decluttered kitchen
  5. Coloring
There’s nothing like a good piece of chocolate 🙂


Daily Writing Challenge: Cosmic Mesh

Photo Credit: The Haunted Wordsman

Three Word Challenge: 

  • connected
  • intelligence
  • enlighten

 The spacecraft zipped through the black sparking cosmic atmosphere. It traveled over 60mph but everything appeared as if in slow motion. 

As Monte sat at the wheel, he noticed this circular object. The craft seemed to be heading straight for it. He feared a major catastrophe, but he couldn’t manage to redirect his course. It felt almost as if this path connected perfectly with that which is around. Monte continued to panic.

Though he lived in a molecular universe,  where it‘s evident that all objects are of vibrations and energy, his intelligence is limited regarding atmospheric gravity and earthly operations. 

With each passing mile, the energy started to appear closer together. Nothing of space was dropping into the sky of the earthlings. 

“How very odd!” Monte thought to himself. “What causes certain objects to move into the layers of one atmosphere, while other objects do not? How is it that objects can float to earth and not the other way around?” He continued, in his mind. 

As if the vibration of energy created a bell to ring for service, Monte quickly refocused on the task at hand: landing this craft safety and successfully. 

As if all creation wished to enlighten him, his vessel began to slow down as it approached earth. He had tried for such a long time to slow it down, and yet nothing worked. 

Safe and sound, he finally reached the ground, and the spacecraft opened it‘s doors. 

”Now what?” Monte questioned himself.