Beauty Products Reveal

Did something a little different today! This is a reveal of some beauty products I received in mail. I'm thinking about doing a LIVE broadcast of answers to questions next week, or soon. Please let me know what you think of that idea 🙂



Questions, mounds like a bottomless pit, Rapid breathing, can't slow it down, can't inhale enough. Mind spinning, twenty tabs open, and the history log eight Miles high. Sweaty palms, utterly distroyed nerves, and the symptoms escalating quickly. Everyone feels too close, still can't breathe, why all the stares. Increase in footsteps, trying so hard to... Continue Reading →


Credit attachedI'm in a new season of life. I don't feel strong; I don't feel emotionally capable of sounding ok or writing about all the positivity I have been. The very idea of positivity sounds patronizing to me right now.... But I'm just hurting.... And with hurt comes grief and anger. What's going on? I'm... Continue Reading →