Self-Care Sunday💙


25 Ways to practice Self-Care Today

  1. Listen to a positive podcast.
  2. Color, digitally or traditionally.
  3. Play upbeat music! 
  4. Declutter a corner of your personal space.
  5. Take a ten minute walk in nature. 
  6. Take a big breath in through your nose, hold for five, exhale through your mouth. Repeat ten times.
  7. Visit your favorite local place  (coffee or tea shop, library, exc.)
  8. Write affirmations on post it’s and stick them in your frequent visit areas of your home. 
  9. Write a letter if gratitude to someone, then mail it. 
  10. Write an encouraging letter to someone random, then mail it. 
  11. Burn your favorite incense or candle. 
  12. Boil orange peals, pine needless and cranberries in a pot.
  13. Binge watch your favorite TV show. 
  14. Turn your phone off for a few hours. 
  15. Mattress slide down your stairs. 
  16. Build your own fort.
  17. Write down all of your burdens/irritations /negativity, then burn it. 
  18. Spend time doing a favorite hobby. 
  19. Take a nice long bubble bath.
  20. Stay off social media.
  21. Do a random act of kindness.
  22. Tickle your kids.
  23. Try something new.
  24. Clean your windows.
  25. Create a vision board. 


There’s an endless list of ways 🙂

This evening I’ll post a follow up and ask you to share your self care ways with us!


ENJOY 💜💛💜💛




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