Day: November 9, 2018

Time Like Liquid

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Time seeps through our palmed hands;

Never stops, never waits, doesn’t sleep.

Grasp it before it’s gone. 



Being honest, real, and open is my first step toward healing. When I reference “healing”, I mean from any degree of pain, in any area of health, within my life.

Allowing pain to teach me has only blossomed my character, and it’s prevented repeating occurrences of the same issue. I’m open minded to such teaching, because I refuse to decay into this crippling, bitter, and lonely woman who takes life for granted.

My reality right now, is I’m not OK. I’m heartbroken. I’m cold. I’m an emotional mess. My heart can’t handle any more hurt. I battle depression…. I do so much more successfully, though.

This is when my mental health journey began.

Since, I’ve grown by leaps and bounds. Right now, self care, is pivotal… But, so is accepting not being OK. If I can’t accept what is, I will never be anything more.

Laugh it Away

Sadje’s story was an incredible delight to read!

Thank you, Keep It Alive, for such a cheeky and pleasant post!! I chuckled as I read what happened.

It reminds us that life really should be lived, and that we should allow ourselves the laughter rather than carry embarrassment. I’ve had a few instances where I truly embarrassed myself. What are you to do though? There’s nothing that can change the situation, and there’s nothing that can prevent mistakenly awkward from reoccurring… So, just laugh out loud, bid them good day, and be on your way😂😂

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