Precious Hours

Not another spill to clean up or argument to settle, Not a pull-up to change or someone in need of a drink, Not a baby in cute faky tears, or my older being mouthy. Not a kid to dress, no more meals to fix, or shoes to put on. Not another room to clean, clothes... Continue Reading →



Suggestions for hashtag to use on social media. These are increasingly popular now then they were on some platforms ten years ago. My friend and I laugh, though, because it becomes ridiculously habitual for some #igers to #use #hashtags

5 easy turkey crafts 4 kids

My girls absolutely love crafting, and I love participating, while listening to them chatter💗The credited source is linked to each of these photos. You can find the full list of supplies and instructions, as well as other activities, by visiting the links. Here's a list of 10 easy and cute turkey crafts for the holidays... Continue Reading →