Fillin It UP!

Some days….

Right now, this is my answer! May solve nothing, 99% chance of unresolved issues for some future date but Boys and Girls…. YOU’RE ALLOTTED DAYS LIKE THESE!!

👎🏼🖕🏼Over Today!

Anyone have anything they’d like to contribute?

7 thoughts on “Fillin It UP!

    1. I’m now getting notifications when you post. I couldn’t find that for your blog before. Thanks for being patient with me. So much going on: ( Depression is slowly creeping on


      1. Aww, Nova…Please don’t let the big D take a hold of you. It’s so darn hard to fight it after it does. Go talk to your therapist or someone, I don’t care who…Make sure it’s someone who will listen. Talking is therapeutic. Believe me, I know. Sometimes we just need to dump it all out.

        Love to you my Darling.💖

        Glad you’re getting my notification posts now. I only post once a week anyway so I won’t inundate your Timeline. 🙂

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        1. I do need to talk to someone, but maybe it’ll manifest into some good writing! Please do write as often as you wish, this place has become just as therapeutic for me. Thank you for understanding. Much love to you and yours💙💙

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