Fillin It UP!

Some days.... Right now, this is my answer! May solve nothing, 99% chance of unresolved issues for some future date but Boys and Girls.... YOU'RE ALLOTTED DAYS LIKE THESE!! 👎🏼🖕🏼Over Today! Anyone have anything they'd like to contribute?


Invisible Ink

I'm an open book; I've never had a poker face. I can't take superficial, I can't hide what I don't like. I'm opinionated, straightforward, and real... But, the personal chapters in my life are written In such a language, only I can teach. Such a departure from my lips, is a gift... So few recognize.


When life seemed perfect, Exactly as I'd want it to be.... In a single instance, that certainty changes, And I question so much... So much that it scares me. How could I feel such a way, Is this even my own. Do these thoughts live within my heart, If so how could they surface so... Continue Reading →