Error has occurred

Imperfection is a piece of our character. It’s OK to mess up. It’s OK to make mistakes, even if it hurts others or creates discomfort. Messing up is apart of nature.

I am learning to love others, despite their flaws. I’m learning to love myself from the same light. I should know how to do this already; it should be a natural reaction.

It’s not. I didn’t grow up with acceptance, not from myself… Not from my parents. I didn’t know what it felt like. Because of that, I felt I had no identity…. No voice. I didn’t grow up feeling safe enough to make mistakes, and learn. I didn’t grow up making my own choices to possibly make mistakes.

Yes, that prevented a great deal of discomfort in my parents’ lives, but it significantly hindered mine. I wasn’t prepared for the real world.

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You know it’s going to be a tough week when you start a Monday, crying, before 10 am. The saying goes, don’t create a storm then complain when it rains. Maybe I should remember that. I hate what I feel right now. Continue reading Storm