Day: November 2, 2018

Signing off🙏🏼✨

When the inspiration feels obsolete; and the motions are just “routine”… When there’s no “spark” or “ambition”… It’s time for me to log off. Check out. Exit. Advertisements

Do You Know of Any Financial Grants That Will Help InmateBlogger?

Do You Know of Any Financial Grants That Will Help InmateBlogger? — Read on

👀Seeking Participants👀

The blank spots need answers. Would you please leave an answer for one of them in a comment? We can fill it all in once we have all the words.

Thanksgiving Tag

November and Thanksgiving are two of my favorite things:D Everything from the gorgeous colored leafs to the crisp cool air, and football games and oh so delicious food! Laughter and family, hot chocolate, and amazing hot baths… there’s a million things of which to…


flavor. flavor. — Read on Haha, I will defiantly stick with the Starburst flavors! Those of you who enjoy a risky adventure, can eat my share of these 😂😂😂