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From a child, to a grown “man”….

His life has been a fusion of diverse expierences.

A story of bumpy roads, secure places, some

questionable choices. But they were his.

Early on, he owned his life.. He decided what it’d be…

With a willingness to follow his Almighty,

In obedience and faith, authentically with love and mercy.

He wasn’t a King, in a big castle, not the owner of a

Lamborghini, He wore simple style and drove with

practicality. Time took him to a chapel, and to a sweet hospital nursery,

Forced him to face truth, death, and suffering.

He’s seen hate, unexpected seizure, and secession of soldiers in war.

He’s seen the most horrid shifts in the major corporate industry,

And shades of every color,  brushed effortlessly into lives that crossed paths with his.

His story’s is like all the others, far from perfect, flawless, or


This man was born to a Jewish woman…. To a German man…

He was born unable to hear well, though that allowed for imaginative

Internal dialogs. His childhood allowed for him to see new places,

To explore that which was in his immediate surroundings.

He traveled to the assisted living residence, the library, and animal

Shelter. He volunteerd at the Homeless Shelter soup kitchen; and occasionally

Visited the halfway house. He spent endless time in observation, a powerful

And undervalued talent of most.

Throughout his life, the spice he’s always craved, the true

meaning in his pages, has been this uncanny acceptance

of what is…

He has spent his life embracing the acceptance of what’s

different, respecting that this spice is simply the truths,

That varies from one to the next.  He hasn’t been granted

authority to conceptualize and label the thoughts of  those

who disagree.

He understands his life as reality, seeking to continuously

grow and enrich it further. In doing so, kindness and

compassion has lead him to unimaginable moments.

These have always been his greatest treasure.


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          Sometimes, it takes a while for people to read the posts, if there are more than one post by a blogger. It happens to me often, because if you are following a lot of people and they have multiple post, sometimes I miss a few. Like a couple of days ago I posted two blog posts and nobody saw the second one. But today a few people saw it and liked it. So wait for them to get to it.

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