The Store of Lost Dreams

The Past Memories thrift shop sat on the corner of Elm and Maple and has been owned and operated by Mr. J. Franklin and his wife for more than fifty years. People come in and out all day buying and selling their hopes and dreams. It is a cozy little shop filled with

trinkets and knickknacks of every shape and size. Mr J. (As everyone called him) chuckled to himself, as he straighten the back shelf of super hero figurines. One Autumn day, oh about three years ago, a young boy came in with a brown paper bag.

“Hello!” The young boy bellowed.

“Well, good afternoon!” Mr J. returned. “What may I do for you today?” he continued.

“I love The Hulk! He’s so cool, and he’s strong. I’m not sure why he’s green; but, that’s ok. I still love him. I have these dentures that I’d like to exchange for a hulk figurine!”

Mr. J nearly spit his sip of tea across the room. Many a story has walked through his shop’s door, but, never such as this!

“Son, why did you bring dentures to use in the exchange?” Mr J. manage to comment in a serious tone.

“Well,” the boy added, ” You see. These belonged to my grandpa. Every year, about this time, my grandma gets sad and quiet. That’s not good. I don’t like when she’s sad. My mom told me she gets that way because my papa died. In his Will, he instructed his teeth to sit upon a shelf.. so his children would recommend to mind their Ps and Qs.”

“Oh!” Mr J laughed lightly. He’s thoroughly enjoy this visitor, but he had a question that he was dying to ask. “Say,” he quickly added, “Why did you bring dentures though. I’m sure your grandma has many items that remind her of your grandpa!”

“Well, my mimaw always used to call papa a antique, when he would say old. When my mom and I came past here, she said this is where antiques are sold. Since they’re his teeth, I thought I’d bring them.” the boy explained.

“I wanted to stop grandma from feeling sad,” the boy explained further.

“That’s very thoughtful of you!” Mr J. assured him. “I’m certain your grandma would appreciate the kindness.” He concluded.

With that, the two men walked back to the superheros, and Mr J. instructed the boy to simply pick one to take home. The boy couldn’t contain himself. He jumped toward the store keeper with the biggest excited grin and tightest sweet hug. Within another fifteen minutes, the boy was hurrying home with his treasure.

The memories of the store customers further occupied Mr J.’s attention, when the front door bell rang again.

… To be continued….


I’m tagging Bereaved Single Dad to continue the story:)

To participate, read the story as you receive it, then create the next part, and pass the story onto someone else until the story is finished. Please either pingback or post a link to your contribution in the comments of the original post.



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