Day: October 16, 2018

#FOWC: The Grand Balcony

Perhaps this large marble opening is used for dinners, by the elite, Socials, dances, and fancy dishes with expensive, exotic, treats. The prestigious population, flaunting all their silver and priceless gold, Life of endless luxury, but deeply lonely, truth be told. Husbands go to the golf club, wives have brunch with friends, Smiles and casual…

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Daily Writing Challenge Mixture

” It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark!” Michael sings. Maybe so, but, trust me, thats just the beginning! Who am I, you ask? I am Phelsador, the alley cat. I sit upon this nice, warm, and thick outstretched tree branch as the people below bellow about goblins and ghouls. They…

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#WAD: No Caption

Sometimes, there simply aren’t sufficient words to describe the cherish of a moment. Sometimes, there aren’t words that would best explain the significance of a sister. Sometimes, there’s no need for words… No caption… No talking. Just love, smiles, and laughter. ~Nova   The Daily Addiction Challenge can be found here:)

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The Store of Lost Dreams

The Past Memories thrift shop sat on the corner of Elm and Maple and has been owned and operated by Mr. J. Franklin and his wife for more than fifty years. People come in and out all day buying and selling their hopes and dreams. It is a cozy little shop filled with… trinkets and…

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