ABC to Destination Excellence

Accept your whole self. Begin every morning with positive affirmatives. Create a self care kit. Draw open those curtains and windows. Export personal information into a journal for self reflection. Finish one unfavorable task today. Gift a stranger with a random act of kindness. Heal some pain with laughter. Inspire others by writing a personal... Continue Reading →


Freebies | Blessing Manifesting

A huge collection of free downloads to help you in your self love and self care journey! Find your inner goddess and love yourself! — Read on Free is awesome! Things to help me with my mental health is terrific! I'm signed up for this newsletter and other goodies!

#FOWC: Symbolism

Look at the clouds! My personal storm has felt like that all day today. Dark, angry, fierce, and not moving out any time soon. It's crazy, if I didn't know better, I'd think INFJs could affect the weather. I know that sounds crazy; but, I do wonder. Thankfully, the silver lining is that it didn't... Continue Reading →