#WAD: Grace

Photo Prompt Credit attached to photo “…I often wondered just how far back my girls – or any of us – would have to trace to stop the flow of regrets. ‘If we hadn’t let our guard down…,’ one might confess. But history no doubt contained many pages before that moment. Leaving thoughts unchecked. Challenging the edges of danger, not recognizing that the cliff edge is not solid granite but crumbling sandstone. Entertaining, if only for a flash, risk’s possibility. Opening the door to opportunity. Not looking away when sin’s bribe was offered, as if the agreement held no consequences. … Continue reading #WAD: Grace

Daily Writing Challenge: (3TC)

Daily Writing Challenge hosted by The Haunted Wordsmith 3TC: hope, love, lost This word combination is ironically the entire purpose of living… Hope is that which we want. It’s belief in something yet to happen, but that we feel can and will happen… A great job, an answered prayer for a loved one, a passing grade on a test, an acceptance into the first college of choice. At some point, we all hope for the attention of an individual of which we find attractive. We hope this individual looks our direction, and finds us attractive in return. It’s a funny … Continue reading Daily Writing Challenge: (3TC)