Self Care Kit💜

This is an AWESOME suggestion: A kit ready and packed with all kinds of goodies to rescue you from a meltdown, anxiety attack, bad mood, or crappy day. When the kids have used up your patience, the phone finally quits ringing, and you can sit for a few minutes, this kit will refocus your mind …

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Community Unity

The old stone cottage has withstood the test of time. It's also become the life insurance of Switzerland's winter months. Communities of  families will use such a place for bulk food storage.  It's perfect for such use because of its size and the stone structure. Here in Switzerland, the winter temperature could drop as low as zero degrees …

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Slide Up

View on Instagram She's so difficult to be serious with sometimes because she's so stinking cute😁🧡 She laughs because she knows it too😂 . . . Doing what we do; waiting on Sissy to finish the school day. . . . #October #toddlersofinstagram #autumn #toddlerlife #cutie #sweetpea #autumncolors #cle #thisiscle #friday #fridayfun #slides #goingupslides

Signs & Symptoms

Just as with other illness, prevention is key! To keep a cold away, doctors recommend individuals wash hands, keep hands away from the mouth, cover a sneeze or cough with an elbow or tissue. Occasionally, we miss something though. Before long, someone in the family is feverish, grumpy with no appetite. The symptoms were there, …

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