#FOWC: Beard ~ Wednesday

The beard adds years to his life. He spends nearly two decades waiting for the “masculine maturity”. After some time, one day, he wakes up and there they are, the grungy rough edges of stubs. Day by day they grow, oh how he is so proud. They shape his jawbone, creating a deeper handsome character about his appearance. From that moment on, he was no longer a boy, but a dashing image of deception.

Check out #FOWC here:)

I just remembered this silly trend from a few years back!


5 thoughts on “#FOWC: Beard ~ Wednesday

      1. Each to its own , I suppose. I don’t want that my husband should tell me how should I wear my hair, and so he is free to do what he wants with his facial hair. It’s call hair-democracy! 😜

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        1. Yeah… I’m not saying he’d be gone if he chose to grow it out… I just know love is about sacrifice. He would keep it short just because he knows I like short. I never tell him who or how to be… I wouldn’t be with him if I didn’t like how he was.

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