Fabulously Female

She was strong enough to lift other women up. She was kind enough to help other women in need. She was brave enough to defend other defenseless women. She was humble enough to appreciate elderly woman. She was patient enough to guide younger women. She was pleasant enough to teach trouble women. She was mature …

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#FOWC: Refuge: Apparent: Immense

I met him on a dating app, Badoo (Premium). A paid monthly membership's, not only, provides additional features, but also, increases the likelihood of positive results. {Or at least that's my train to thought!} He had the gorgeous black curls, with the perfect complimentary brown eyes. He was polite and asked me to join him …

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Missing My Mom

I miss my momma every day! Being a mother myself, there's so many moments I wish I had her ear, lap, and advice. This past Mother's Day, I wrote her a letter. Here's a small exert "I love you endlessly momma, and you are my hero always!"