Clubhouse “Dumbfounded”!

Everyday, around 3:15, my younger daughter and I arrive at the school in which Zivah attends. Typically, I’ll take Sweet Pea(Calandra) to the school playground, because she loves interacting with the other kids and playing on the slide.
Today was no different. We arrived a bit earlier so I could check on Zivah. I believe she’s been having a tough time with severe separation anxiety and uncomfortable pain from ingrowning molars. She’s spent the end of last week and much of this week, this far, crying 😦 I wish I knew what’s the solution. I am trying to piece this situation apart so I know exactly the issue to tackle. It’s truly disheartening.
A few minutes before the school for was to open for ” pick up ” parents, Calandra and I walked to the door. She’s a sweet girl, greeting everyone with a hi and a wave. She enjoys talking to others and showing them skills she can do. Everyone is very receptive, complimenting her on her cuteness and friendliness.
The moment that left me speechless though, happened when a lady looked at me and asked,
” You’re adopting her?”….
Then she follows with “How many do you have?”
No one has ever asked me that before. With her doing so, I fell she spoke so much disapproval towards my choices. This is the twenty first century, biracial children are more common now than they were twenty years ago. In today’s society, families are multicultural. It’s more uncommon for each member to be of the same race.
my boyfriend and I came up with a few alternative answers to her question :
* No, she came as the treat surprise in a Kinder egg.
*Picked her off the shelf at Toys R US.
*Bought her off Craigslist
*Stork dropped her off.
These I should have said, but I was to dumbfounded to think 😳😳

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  1. Yeah…folks like that need to just mind their business. Why do they feel they have to ask those type questions at first meeting, I’ll never understand. To me those are personal questions not to be asked, while standing alongside someone. IMO

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  2. Sometimes, things are better left unsaid.

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    1. That’s so true!


  3. jmjchannel says:

    Were they rude, or well-meaning and clueless? I probably would have answered them with a simple No, and then thought of something later. But really, it’s none of their business.

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    1. I believe it was a question that should’ve been thought about before asked.


  4. Sadje says:

    It’s so true that when faced with rude/ offensive people and comments, we often have no smart repartee! It’s only later that a smart/ appropriate response comes to us. It’s better to ignore these ignorant people.

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    1. Yes, ignoring them is safer lol. I don’t need my mouth getting me into trouble.

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