I’m Thinking About You

Don’t those words usually feel warm and fuzzy! It’s one of the “perfect moments” in life, as I call them. To know someone had you in mind, hoping you’re doing at least ok, but lovely enough to tell you as much. Life is this one shot…. Right now it’s all we’re promised… I want you to know I am thinking about you this evening. A few of you have become dear to me, and I sure do appreciate you! As the weekend comes to a close, and we get ready for a sleep ( or have already awakened to a beautiful day), I just want you to know I wish you all the happiest of moments, when unexpectedly, you smile and or laugh… And it’s genuine a release of endorphins. I wish you lots of energy, and strength to do what you can do, and no more. I wish you peace that you’re content with right now, and that your faith guides your steps. I wish you a happy Monday, and a productive yet enjoyable week😘



7 comments on “I’m Thinking About You”
    1. I’m not sure what this is💚


  1. Thank you for your positive post today. It is nice to know when someone is thinking about you. The other day I received a text message from an 85 year old friend ‘Thinking of you’ , which included three smiley faces. …. it made my day, so I phoned and had a good chat.

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    1. Awe, that makes my heart smile 🐢💕🐢💕

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  2. simplywendi says:

    thank you! may you be richly blessed in return for blessing others………….


  3. TheTaskGirl says:

    Aww, what a sweet post…happy Monday to you!

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