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Troubled water

I was honored to receive a nomination for an award. I always am; and, I always accept it (obviously if it’s a good one). Two of eight nominees I’ve chosen for The Awesome Impact Award have declined it, informing me they don’t take part in that area of blogging.

Quite honestly, I’m dumbfounded… I feel stupid for offering, as if I should have already known this about them. Maybe it’s rejection that makes me want to curl up and retreat from blogging. I don’t know. This experience has just felt so bizarre.

I know I know, nothing of what others do define who I am… And I have NO reason to feel foolish, embarrassed, or hurt. But I DO! Hhmmmm. I’m not sure what the answer is either, besides take note and not repeat this.

My feelings are SENSITIVE! When I say that, I mean as sensitive as they could possibly get. It’s part of being INFJ… BUT also an Empath. I feel emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually what others do. These declines of acceptance has just triggered some insecurities and awakened painful memories.

Maybe I was blindsided by expectations. I’ve thought very highly of these awards, as they are proudly visible on many blogs. I assumed everyone worked really hard to be nominated, as if this was a laureate or something.


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