#BeThe1To Suicide Awareness

This is a tough subject… But, especially for those of us who’s lives have been impacted by it. That percentage is probably higher than we think.

The why’s, what if’s, should’ve… The mind doesn’t stop. For days.. Endlessly in manic mode until anxiety is wrapped around the throat.. And you feel officially crazy.

It sucks..but, what that individual felt before ending his/her life is even more so horrific… Because they felt their pain was more than any solution could fix.

September is Suicide Awareness Month. Right now, we can make a difference. We can ask questions and actively listen. We can hug and hold someone who’s hurting. We can encourage someone to seek help. Right now, though we won’t save them all, we CAN DO something to positively impact a situation… That may result in a different outcome.

The American Veterans struggle with PTSD. Other individuals struggle with CPTSD. Anxiety and Depression rates are high. There’s lots of situations that place dangerously high levels of stress on an individual and his/her family.

Here is the Suicide Prevention Website

I’m going to keep this topic for September. I would hope if you are upset with this, you’d scroll on past me;)

3 thoughts on “#BeThe1To Suicide Awareness

  1. Sometimes I feel that the people who take their lives aren’t responsible for themselves alone. I mean they sure are, but then they are so depressed, and feel so lonely, (the outside world only diminishing them more) that they think there is no solution whatsoever. however I think that being a better human in all terms, and sincerely trying to help these people would in the least give them a little hope and strength to fight. Just a reminder that they are not alone!
    Purely mu thoughts!

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    1. I believe ultimately one can have a lifetime of positive and encouragement…. And still kill him/her self. Here’s the thing… If they don’t believe others care and will help, there’s no changing their beliefs… Until they decide to believe differently. I absolutely believe none of us are alone. I know though that when I was suicidal that no matter what help anyone tried to give me, I didn’t believe things were going to get better… Until I made them better.



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