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Amazing News!

Remember the beginning of last week, when I embarrassingly announced a missing turtle?? Well TODAY I FOUND HIM!!!!!

Ben was so happy to see his brother. He swam right over to him and climbed on his back😂😂😂 They have such cool personalities! Jerry was alive too, at that!! He’s such a champ. I thought, for sure, that he couldn’t have made it several days without food or water. About 10 minutes after getting him back into his home, he seemed to be recovering smoothly and quickly.

So Ben and Jerry are snacking on turtle pellets and some strawberries/carrots. I’m so happy to have them both.


  1. Yay! Those are great news! And is it me, or are their names, Ben and Jerry – like the ice cream?! Because if it is, then the names are both beautiful and delicious! 😊


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