Day: September 2, 2018

Checking In;)

Hello followers


I just wanted to post in and see how everyone was doing! Today’s been quite relaxing for me, though not much on the creative side. Taking some down time is OK, right?! There’s no reason to try and force creativity.

I’ve watched some Netflix, finished the dishes, and changed my turtle’s water. It was the cutest thing, within minutes after changing it, little Ben was playing 😍😍😍 He’d climb up on the rocks, then he’d almost slide down into the water. He’d poke his head up then back down again. He’s so small and cute lol.

Anyway, I am just writing to check on everyone.


A Tale as Old As Time

Something that has fascinated me for years is the ” life ” behind old objects and places. I think my intuitive nature and empath abilities take me on spiritual journeys, but I often can’t find the specific details. If I walk through a cemetery, I imagine how an individual looked, what was his/her profession, how significant their presence was in their society.

In the black and white faded photos, the old abandon buildings tease my imagination with prestigious women in long stunning ball gowns, and common wives covered in banking flour, sworming the kitchen, trying to finish up the bread banking for the week. I imagine the bedrooms that have nursed the untreatable phenomena, and the streets that have lead soldiers home.

Old means history, and I appreciate the priceless stories. This morning, while searching Pinterest, I came across a coffee mug I loved. It’s simple but solid.

Hyperlinked to photo credit

As most of us know, one pin is attached to a board. The board is listed on a Pinterest page. This super cool cup is on a page called: Retro Planet The coolest collection of antique items are here. By clicking on some images, the visitor its taken to a webpage, where the item can be purchased. I say this because buying such things is a rarity.

So, for any other history buff, or a coffeeholic looking for a great to mug to add to the collection, here’s an awesome page to check out. Enjoy your trip; return safely 😉