Day Eight

Prompt: .What is something blogging has taught you about yourself?

I’ve not been blogging long; but, it surely has become a special piece of my life.

Here are 5 Things Blogging has taught me about myself :

  1. I have a big heart to invest time into the silent tears of others.
  2. I need to learn to proofread!
  3. My best writings happen when I’m going through something.
  4. I find encouragement and inspiration through other bloggers.
  5. Regardless of my level of proficiency, I’m apart of a new family.. The blogging community.

Here are 5 things other bloggers have taught me :

  1. There’s a blog post for nearly every subject and every one of its subareas.
  2. There’s no judgement because writing is sharing the intimate form of Love: language.
  3. Early morning posts can be quite interesting to read.
  4. Lipstick is highly valued!
  5. Advice is limitless and often delivered with such class.

5 thoughts on “Day Eight

  1. Great thoughts of yours about blogging which I totally agree with. People who read our blogs are respectful and never bully and verbally abuse like they do on Face Book. Have a great day my friend 🙂

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  2. 🙂 Do not worry, you will eventually learn to proofread.

    What you can do is, return to the draft about approximately three hours after (That way you would be in a better position to focus, because you took a break).

    And, most importantly, never attempt to proofread when you are tired, because you will bypass lots of errors.

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