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Day Five

Prompt: What is your dream job?

When I was a young child, I LOVED playing school. I loved looking up lesson plans, writing the class schedule out, writing up lessons and grading tests. I loved all of it. The funny part, I don’t remember teaching them anything 😂😂! It’s likely, though, that at 8 years old, I expected them to know everything and be prepared for pop-quizes at any minute of their childhood. Haha, sounds rational enough for that age.

As of 10 years ago, I still thought I was going to teach. I was in a community college, in classrooms with twenty plus kids under 5, and working on my PreK license. The closer I got to graduation, the more convinced I was that I DID NOT want in front of all those kids, having to answer to parents, do home visits, exc exc exc. Nope. That wasn’t what I want.

Meanwhile, my interest in Private Detective work was substantially rising! I watched NCIS, Law and Order of every kind, Criminal Minds. I watched House and ER, all the medical shoes. I always found myself lost in the untied lose ends that different clues rose up in the cases. It’s UNBELIEVABLEY mind blowing what detectives and authorities can figure out with techniques and technology! Through the decades, advances have only critiqued the world of detective work.

I wish, when I was young, my parents allowed me to explore areas. I wish an opportunity to study forensic science presented itself. I really would have loved that job!


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