In This Moment

My 2 Little Ladies

On July 16th, I turned 33 years young. I’ve made it to see this year, by God’s grace 🙂 I wasn’t a tyrant or anything; life has just been unmercifully challenging. Anyway, while growing up, I didn’t think much about adulthood. I didn’t have the time. My parents seemed to focus moreso on the short term accomplishments, rather than preparing me for the long-term. I didn’t feel prepared to live on my own at the time I left my childhood home. I decided that night before, if I could handle this house for all these years, I could handle anything life had planned for me.

That’s a pretty big declaration ; but, I meant every word. I was yet, at 19, to figure out who I was, what I stood for and believed in, and what I wanted my life to be. I remember the very first big decision I made, on the first full day on my own, was to have ice cream for breakfast! OK, so that may have been sheer spite but, I was feeling NO regret!

From that decision, and every one since, I’ve decided to live and learn. I’m not in this win or lose phenomenon. Everything blesses me with bountiful joy or life essential lessons. (Sometimes both!)

Today, in this moment, I’m at such peace. There’s absolutely zero weight of worry sitting in my heart. I’m not anxious about a single thing. My girls and I went for a walk, collecting treasure (acorns) of different sizes. Afterwards, we came to the playground for a bit.

I’m thankful for moments like right now. These moments of pure delight. When life feels amazing, the weather is great, and the girls and I are happy. These moments are what life’s all about.


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