Life positivity

ABC of Him

yellow pencil on white book near camera

You are:

Abysmally boundless in your journey to excite my senses.

Cajolingly destined to influence my decisions.

Enravishingly favourable with your charismatic charm.

Graciously hypnotic in your body form.

Immeasurably jurisprudential knowledge.

Knavishly lasting in my every day thoughts.

Masterly navigable through any adversity you face.

Outerly passionate about being a father.

Quietly reflective before you act or say anything.

Scandalously tempting with your mysterious nature.

Unceasingly versatile in any environment.

Wonderfully xylotomous to survive in the wilderness.

Yearningly zestful about knowledge.

  When I met you, I didn’t realize you’d become home to me. I didn’t know how much pain I’d handle, and I’d come out living and loving you stronger. I never imagined I’d feel literally as if a piece of myself is missing when we’re not together. I didn’t know that it’s impossible for me to stay angry at someone who drives me crazy. I didn’t know that it’s possible to fall deeper in love with someone after every fight, and that every quality I had ever wanted in a man could be found in you. When I met you, I didn’t understand or was even aware of me entirely. You’ve challenged me to hold on to truths, to seek and find answers, and to believe in myself. You’ve forced me to face fear of the unknown and to believe Faith is bigger than anything else. Most importantly, you’ve become the miracle I’ve always wanted to see… A life changed because I was in it, and that I could make a positive impact. I love you with every beat of my heart, love! Until the day I die, and every life after, you will be my dream come true. 




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