To Be Free 🕊

    I have this body, and I live this human form. I eat to keep others happy, and I sleep as well as I can. I do my best to obey the laws, keep bills paid, and provide for my beautiful daughters. I manage appointments, find necessary recourses, prepare meals, and try to have relationships with others. All who exist do the same things, to a degree.  As a species, this is how I live, how others see me.

They are the outside, looking in. 

But, that’s not who I am. 💖

I am a soul, a spiritual and transparent entity. I am resonance of thunderstorms in the late Autumn months. I am the crisp refreshing sound of crystal clear water, flowing with grace, down the waterfall. I am the humming of hummingbird wings, and the sweet sensation of toasted marshmallows. I am every color, in the sunset overlooking the lake. I’m the baby bunnies ramping through the grass. I’m the love that sacrifices so others are happy. I’m the wind that reminds us to be hopeful. I’m the faith when life seems too suffocating to continue. 

In this world, when so much belief is based on what’s abstract… I’m here, living in the make-believe. I need the endlessness of possibilities, belief in kindness, and opportunities to spread my wings. I need songs to give me goosebumps and videos, happy tears. I need the trees and open roads, crickets, and honey bees.  

This world is bounded by distance, space, and time. 

I am all that lives, I live to be free. 



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