Self Affirmation


I’m not made for this world.
I feel too deeply,
I see what you hide.
I know what you’ve kept secret
And I hear what’s unsaid.
Situations do not chain me,
To my past and imperfect mistakes,
I’m never a victim of circumstance,
But, the decider of my fate.
This life has never been easy,
I’ve lost to know my strength,
I’ve fallen just to rise again,
And certainly handle my own.
My thoughts go beyond the surface,
Of what society understands,
My mind can see the bigger picture
The road map of active lives, impacting
Everything and everyone he or she touches.
I am a strong and independent woman.
I have flaws of my very own.
I know my truths, it’s how I live…
I am one of a kind.
#borntowin #madeforthis #areyoureadyforsomeonelikeme

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