Beautiful Birds Bird watching was always something my grandpa enjoyed doing. He watched from his chair , in the living room, on the front porch, at the cabin, even at the beach. My grandpa had several bird feeders hanging from the porch roof. There was always plenty for them to eat. My grandma would throw pieces of bread out to the grass for them, as well. … Continue reading Beautiful Birds

ABC of Him

You are: Abysmally boundless in your journey to excite my senses. Cajolingly destined to influence my decisions. Enravishingly favourable with your charismatic charm. Graciously hypnotic in your body form. Immeasurably jurisprudential knowledge. Knavishly lasting in my every day thoughts. Masterly navigable through any adversity you face. Outerly passionate about being a father. Quietly reflective before you act or say anything. Scandalously tempting with your mysterious … Continue reading ABC of Him