100 Questions No One Ever Asks – 4 Hats and Frugal

This 100 Questions No One Ever Asks video tag is hilarious and fun. Try it out! — Read on 4hatsandfrugal.com/2014/05/100-questions-no-one-ever-asks.html A little fun so we can get to know one another=] You can make a video, as she did, or a written blog post. Please try to remember to tag at least one person to join the fun:) The questions: 1. DO YOU SLEEP WITH … Continue reading 100 Questions No One Ever Asks – 4 Hats and Frugal

But first….. #coffee

socialdraft.com/coffee-hashtags-for-instagram/ Anyone who knows me even on a bypassing moment level, knows I am only #human when I’m #drinkingcoffee. It’s my greatest #passion. I enjoy #coffee so much, that I have a #KeurigSingleCup maker and a #BlackandDeckerDripMaker. In addition to my multiple cups of morning sanity, my routine consists of posting on social media. That’s pretty normal, right? Most of us get up, get the … Continue reading But first….. #coffee

One Cup @ a Time

There’s been lots of talk about suicide in the recent news. When it’s a celebrity who’s passed, the subject receives a great deal of spotlight. Unfortunately, most deaths aren’t of that status… To Me, these lives matter just as much!! Did you know though, that since 1999, the rate of death by suicide has increased by 30%?! According to the National Institution of Mental Health, … Continue reading One Cup @ a Time



“This wasn’t what she wanted at all. She knew for months but only accepted it today, as she was about to start her day. Instead, she packed her bags…’

As her mix of emotions streamed her chocolate smooth cheeks. For ten years now, she’s been in a marriage with a narcissist.

Zella couldn’t have known, when she met Brice, what was to come. They had met online, through an online dating app, Chocolate Love.

He was everything she ever dreamed. Towering her at 6” 7’, he had seductive brown eyes, a clean cut sophisticated groom, and Cologne that could hypnotize any heart. His profile identified him as a successful Stock Trader from WallStreet. He was raised in the hood-rat streets of South Chicago, with his seven sisters and four brothers.

As she continued packing, Zella thought back to their first date. She and Brice communicated,via CL, for a few weeks before he asked her out.

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Nighttime Notes

* It’s OK to not be OK. * I’m thankful for moment of true clarity and insight. * Always check alcohol content percentage of wine before purchasing. * Sex trafficking is a f***ed up way to live! * I don’t want to be alone tonight; but, I’ll make sure my daughters never feel lonely. *Being their mother is the best gift I’ve ever been given. … Continue reading Nighttime Notes

You are worthy of Love💗

https://bustle.app.link/8XQV11cnDN A New Report Shows How Much The Rate Of Death By Suicide Has Risen In The U.S. Every… Single… Time… This unfortunate, gruesome, heart-throbbing, and instantaneously devastating event occurs: my heart breaks. I have the dark black massive scary monsterous cloud shadow me.. I’ve been in a position in life, with suicidal tendencies. I chose to LIVE! For countless others, living didn’t seem worth … Continue reading You are worthy of Love💗