MIA Today

🤮🤒😩 MIA Today MIA Today — Read on scribblersarena.com/2019/03/19/mia-today/

Humbled Service – Nova’s Namaste 365 Online

Still one of my favorites 🦋🌺💚 Be the humbled that lifts the fallen, feeds the hungry, and nurses the sick. The heart that services to the needs of others, shall be one that lives eternally~ ~ Nova🖤 — Read on mynamaste365online.blog/2018/10/25/humbled-service/

Afternoon #Coffeeshare

Happy Saturday Bloggers 🌸 It’s a quarter till one, here in Ohio, and I’m chilling in my writing chair. I had my boyfriend’s company since yesterday, and I like to sit in my thoughts once he leaves. Not so much all the lovey dove stuff, but in mature reflection of how the visit went. I’m…